Not the first time she’s said this.

Via Politico:

Visibly angry and at times raising their voices, House Democrats slammed Republicans for sending Washington into shutdown mode.

A last-minute move by the House GOP to seek a conference with the Senate on a continuing resolution ensured that the government shut down early Tuesday.

“What the speaker is doing is doubling and tripling down [on] a path that it was always intended to take us to shutting down government,” Pelosi said. “They have wiggled this way and that to keep being very resourceful to come up with ways to shut down government. Because as [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid said, they don’t believe in government. They’re anti-government idealoges.”

Pelosi said it wasn’t just about Obamacare.

“This is bigger than the Affordable Care Act,” she said. “This is their way of saying we’re going to have a new order here.”

She referred to a quote by George Washington, in which he warned against a political party at war with its country.

“This is a proxy fight for really the debate on the extent of government and that has been a debate in the history of our country,” Pelosi said. “But to say no government, that’s what President Washington cautioned against.”