The only “war” going on is the slaughter of unborn babies by Cecile Richard’s abortion mills.

The House’s war on women — Cecile Richards

The full picture of what the House of Representatives did late Saturday night is just coming into view, and it’s startling. The House voted to keep the government functioning as long as the Affordable Care Act is delayed for a year — and they also voted to let any employer or insurance company deny a broad range of preventive health care to women based on a personal “moral” objection [including PP’s bread and butter, abortion -ed].

Think about what that means. If a retail chain is bought by someone who doesn’t believe women should have access to immunizations or screening for the human papillomavirus, then potentially lifesaving treatment that is proven to help prevent cervical cancer would not be part of the insurance coverage for any women at that company. If a woman works at a bank owned by a man who opposes contraception, her birth-control prescription would no longer be covered by her health-insurance plan. Same thing for breastfeeding support, domestic violence counseling, HIV testing and other preventive care.

And to be completely clear: The bill that the House Republican leadership pushed through in the middle of the night Saturday would only subject women’s preventive health protections to this kind of interference. Other types of health care — not to mention prostate-exam screenings and other important men’s health protections — would not be weakened. […]

Somehow, far-right members of the House are celebrating. Rep. John Abney Culberson rejoiced, “It’s wonderful!” Rep. Tim Huelskamp said, “America’s been a little astonished” by what House Republicans did.

As more people see what happened, and see that they’re actually pushing toward shutting down the government in order to deny health care to millions of Americans and singling out women’s health in particular, they will be more than astonished. They will be outraged. And they will, once again, demand that Congress focus on real problems facing the country instead of pushing an extreme agenda against women’s health.

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