Next week: Anti-Second Amendment fanatic Dick Durbin calls for banning metaphorical guns.

Via RCP:

SCHIEFFER: What about repealing this tax on healthcare devices? These — what about that?

DURBIN: Isn’t it interesting, Bob, that…

SCHIEFFER: Medical devices.

DURBIN: …the Republicans — yes, medical devices. Isn’t it interesting, the Republicans which talk so much — who talk so much about deficit reduction have sent us over an amendment which adds $30 billion to the deficit and takes it right out of the healthcare reform act. That is the height of irresponsibility. We can even talk about the future of that tax, let’s do it in a responsible way with replacement revenue. I predict that the Senate is going to reject this House overture that was sent to us last night.

SCHIEFFER: Well, I mean, but wouldn’t that be kind of a popular thing to do away with a tax on wheelchairs and things like that? I mean, that seems to me that in the kind of environment we are in what might be something you could get together with them on.

DURBIN: Well, I support taking a look at the medical device tax. Keep in mind, though, that we anticipate millions of more patients using medical devices with some profit associated with it to the medical device companies. That is why the tax is there. But I am willing to look at that. But not with a gun to my head, not with a prospect of shutting down the government. That is what the president said, that is what we have said. There should be a constructive, positive bipartisan conversation. Bob, after the junior senator from Texas took the floor for 21 hours the other day, this last week, Senator John McCain followed him for ten minutes. There was more wisdom and common sense in what John McCain said than anything I heard in 21 hours. He said the president won the election.

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