Give me a break.

Via Tucson Sentinel:

Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman, Tucson businessman Bruce Ash, used what opponents called out as a racial slur Thursday. In a Facebook post about President Obama, Ash said the president is “shucking and jiving” about health care reform.

In somewhat tangled syntax, Ash posted “Some people wonder why I cannot figure out why I believe Obama is shucking and jiving on ObamaCare.”

“Bruce Ash should be ashamed of himself,” Pima County Democratic Party Executive Director Shasta McManus said via email. “It’s so sad that a national committeeman of the ‘Party of Lincoln’ doesn’t have sufficient sensitivity to grasp the inappropriateness of what he wrote.”

Ash said in a phone interview Thursday afternoon that his comment didn’t have any racial connotation.

“There are plenty of folks who are shuckers and jivers,” he said. “There is nothing in my lexicon that has racial overtones.”

“I have disgust for people who in 2013 are so obsessed with race baiting” as to make an issue of his post, he said. “There are lots of things the Democrats have said about me that aren’t true.”