Why should Congress have to follow the same rules as the commoners? They’re better than us!

Via Weekly Standard:

The poll data is clear and cuts across party lines: 92 percent of the public does not think it is right that Congress and their staff are letting the Obama administration exempt them from the costs of Obamacare. Yet it seems many in Congress still want to dismiss these findings in hopes that these sentiments won’t translate into actual voter preferences.

Incumbents facing reelections shouldn’t fool themselves. A recent real-world deployment of the issue shows it can powerfully impact candidates’ prospects.

We tested the effect of the congressional exemption issue in six different 2014 races, which represent different election archetypes. We launched incumbent-specific, small but targeted, week-long communications campaigns, using mail, phones and internet, (but no TV or radio), directed at 7,500 likely voters. Then we analyzed the criteria regularly used by campaign strategists to measure the strength of an incumbent’s reelection campaign: the “hard re-elect”, or the percentage of voters who say they will vote to reelect the incumbent; the “hard vote against”, or the percentage of voters who say they will vote against an incumbent; and the “ballot test”, or how the incumbent fares when matched up against his challenger.

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