It’s all about their monetary interest? Alrighty, now, just a tad problematic there.

The rescue is still ongoing and Mr. Walid, through his twitter, chooses to attack it as it happens.

According to his bio, Mr Walid is the executive director for CAIR Michigan.

Shortly after I challenged his statement, Mr. Walid scrubbed his tweet, forgetting that time-honored maxim “Twitter is forever”.

He also sudddenly started adding things like the following:

But he still couldn’t help himself, adding the following:


From The Investigative Project On Terrorism, our State Department apparently financed Dawud Walid to go to Mali twice, where he spoke about American discrimination against Muslims after 9/11:

In one case, the State Department paid for a CAIR executive to travel to Mali, where he cast America as a place where “American Muslims have been subjected to increased discrimination from racial and religious profiling by law enforcement.” In the other, the FBI’s top agent in Chicago spoke at an event moderated by a CAIR attorney.

A spokesman said that Special Agent in Charge Rob Grant only learned of the CAIR involvement at the last minute and felt it was better to proceed rather than create an incident.

Meanwhile, CAIR-Michigan Executive Director Dawud Walid is back from his second consecutive government-financed travel to Mali to “build religious and cultural ties between American religious and civic leaders with Malian counterparts.”

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