Al-Shabaab was live tweeting the attack from a few different twitter accounts.

Here are some of the tweets:

It’s funny how the Infidels cry, rushing with slag and insist on their teeth around small accidents while their armies kill Thousands of Muslims. # _ youth movement Mujahideen _ # Kenya

Defending Muslim land from any obligations after faith and protector of the enemy Aggressor is our right as Muslims. # _ youth movement Mujahideen _ # Nairobi # Kenya

Kenyans are uniting across Twitter reporting for spam al-Shabaab accounts like @HSMPress. The account was suspended and the Kenyans are hot on the trail of any replacement accounts.

The current accounts which appear to be them are @HSMPress_arabic and @HSMPress3 where they apologize for the loss of life, but claim it is necessary.