Gun control for Obama’s home country?

Via CNN:

(CNN) — Gunmen ambushed an upscale shopping mall in the Kenyan capital on Saturday, leading to a fierce gunbattle with police and at least 20 people killed, the Kenyan Red Cross said.
Fifty more people were wounded in the attack at the mall in Nairobi, said Abbas Gullet, head of the Kenyan Red Cross.

The gunmen burst into the mall and shot indiscriminately, taking some people hostage, according to a senior Kenyan government source.
“All of a sudden we heard some shots and people rushing,” said Zulobia Kassam, who was having coffee at the mall.

“We realized we were under attack. We rushed to the back, trying to hide and we heard random shots from everywhere — upstairs, downstairs.”

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Huffington Post reports that the gunmen were targeting non-Muslims

More at Daily Mail.  Attackers dressed in black sounds like al-Qaeda affiliated al-Shabab who previously threatened to get even with Kenya for support to the Somali government in fighting al-Shabab terrorism.

*Warning, some graphic photos*: