You never know when people may actually see the truth and learn. Don Lemon seems to be getting it, at least a lot of it, thanks to the CDC study that came out in June that almost escaped media attention.

The study was commissioned by Obama after Newtown, but then virtually ignored because it didn’t fit his narrative. It puts paid to virtually every gun control argument.

Via The Blaze:

During a radio segment that aired on The Tom Joyner Radio Show, CNN host Don Lemon delivered a thought-provoking monologue about gun violence — but he took the opposite viewpoint than some might expect from a mainstream journalist.

Rather than flatly speaking out against firearms, Lemon noted that a recent study has actually changed his views on guns. Citing the Center for Disease Control’s research that was released this summer, he implored listeners to consider that the results might also challenge their own perspective.

“It just might make you rethink your stance, your view, on the issue,” said Lemon. “It did for me. It’s making me rethink it.”

So, what, exactly did this apparently transformational study claim? Here are just a few of the bullet points, as assembled from Guns & Ammo Magazine:

1. Armed citizens are less likely to be injured by an attacker:

2. Defensive uses of guns are common:

3. Mass shootings and accidental firearm deaths account for a small fraction of gun-related deaths, and both are declining

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