Even Cruz’s opponents will tell you he has a brilliant mind with an impeccable background at Princeton, Harvard Law, and clerking for the Supreme Court. O’Donnell’s claim to fame is saying absurd things about Republicans on a little-watched cable news network.

Via Mediaite:

Lawrence O’Donnell is not one for holding back, and in taking on the latest fight in Congress over defunding Obamacare and the threat of a potential government shutdown, he had a simple question: “How stupid is Ted Cruz?”

O’Donnell asked because he couldn’t quite understand how Cruz could possibly think he could ever defund Obamacare with the Democratic-controlled Senate and Obamacare’s namesake still in power. O’Donnell acknowledged the question was impolite, and rephrased it to ask, “How smart is Ted Cruz? Because the stuff he’s saying there is wicked stupid.”