Conservatives favor a limited government, Dems  prefer a grotesquely bloated federal government that controls every aspect of ordinary Americans’ lives.

Via The Hill:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) blasted Republicans on Wednesday, saying he was waiting for the House GOP to send over its “absurd” idea on how to keep the government funded.

“We have a number of Republican senators and lots of Republican House members who don’t believe in government,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “They want to get rid of it and they’re doing everything they can to get rid of it.”

Tensions between Reid and House Republicans are building over government funding. Without action by Congress, the government will shut down on Oct. 1.

The House is leaning toward moving a measure that would fund the government, but defund ObamaCare. That measure is not expected to be moved by the Senate.

“We’re waiting to see what comes from the House on whether to fund the government or not,” Reid said Wednesday. “Waiting to see what the House is going to do — to see what absurd idea will prevail over there.”