Nice to see Politico has dropped any pretense of being an actual news organization.

Via Politico:

. . . Barack Obama is a man of different talents, instincts and interests than Clinton. But now that Washington is in pile-on mode — including us — it’s not a bad time to remember that there are some reasons why he is among the most talented politicians of his generation.

Recent bad headlines have not diluted his enduring personal and political assets, and, so long as he occupies the White House, there is no other person with more power to set the national agenda.
In that spirit, here’s a roster of what’s still right with Obama:

No one will ever mistake Obama for warm and fuzzy. But when he tries even a bit, he can’t help being winning. His smile remains dazzling, even if he flashes it less often.

The two men who wrote this drivel for Politico really need to question their sexuality (if they’re not already out of the closet).