Hipsters are good for one thing… punching.

Via NW Watchdog:

You might not have thought it possible, but Oregon’s latestObamacare ad is even more hipster than the last.

And, unfortunately for those interested in learning more about the complex health reform law and what it means for them, this ad delivers absolutely no information on the topic.

Cover Oregon, the state agency set up to administer the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in Oregon, released its latest TV ad last week and, well, it speaks for itself.

This is just the latest in a months-long ad campaign heading to the opening of enrollment in the health exchange program in October. Cover Oregon, the state agency set up in Oregon to implement Obamacare, has awarded a $9.9 million contract to North, Inc., a Portland advertising agency, to spread the word. The TV ads total about $3.2 million. The second phase of this will be in October when enrollment opens and officials work on getting people into the program, according to a press release.