CNN not only made this stunning claim in a repetitive chyron but also in stories on their sites as well.

Not only was there absolutely no evidence that Aaron Alexis had in fact purchased an AR-15, but, of course, AR-15 isn’t a shotgun.

How can these people claim to be a news organization and not have one person even pick up on that?

Here it is up on their website on their liveblog.

CNN still has this claim up on their website, despite the fact that it has now been revealed that there was no AR-15 of any kind, although they have since removed the “shotgun” part of it:

“Alexis used a legally purchased AR-15 gun, according to the official”.

Notice how it says he used a “legally purchased AR-15 gun”. It doesn’t however actually say that he purchased it. Of course, if he stole it from someone who legally purchased it, then yes, he “used a legally purchased” one. Of course, the language is deceptive leading an unknowing reader to the wrong conclusion.

HT: Twitchy