Nice work, Mr. Grant!

Via Yahoo:

A gunman has killed several people and wounded up to 10 others at a U.S. Navy center in Washington. Chris Moody is a Yahoo News writer reporting from the scene. Amid the scenes of chaos he was told of one inspiring act of kindness and bravery:

Omar Grant, a civilian employee at the Washington Navy Yard, was on the first floor of the atrium Monday morning when shots rang out around him. Grant was with his colleague, Lindwood, a visually-impaired employee who uses a walking stick.

“We heard two shots and started wondering if that was the sound of someone dropping something or if they were really shots,” Grant told Yahoo News. “We heard three more shots, and that’s when people started running out of the building and getting the hell out of there.”

While others ran for the exits, Grant took Lindwood by the arm and carefully led him to safety.

Grant and Lindwood (who did not want to provide his last name) walked slowly together from the base to the nearby Metro station. Grant held his colleague’s arm and carefully escorted him to the train.