The Egyptians appear to be fighting alongside al-Qaeda’s Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), whose flag is shown multiple times and is on the letter the Kurds are forced to sign. Watch the video here.

Via The Blaze:

Armed gunmen claiming to belong to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood gave a glimpse of their growing strength in Syria when they threatened 30 Kurdish fighters they took hostage last month with death if they didn’t accept Shari’ia law and the “Brotherhood’s” interpretation of Islam, a recently uploaded YouTube video showed. […]

The video, originally posted by the nongovernmental watchdog Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, shows 30 members of the Syrian PKK, also known as the Kurdistan Worker’s Party, being held hostage by the armed gunmen. The group of PKK members is seen sitting on the Persian rugged floor of an empty room, while while a member of the Muslim Brotherhood fighters tells them that they must “practice the real Islam and follow Sha’ria law” or face the “consequences.”

The men identified themselves as members of the Muslim Brotherhood and they spoke in a distinct classic Arabic with an Egyptian accent, an Arabic translator, who viewed the video, told TheBlaze.

Strangely enough, the Kurdish rebels were forced to sign a contract and were told that if they prayed with the Muslim Brotherhood, turned over all their weapons and refrained from fighting for a full year they would not be harmed.

“If you don’t do this, you know the consequences?” warned a man with a strong Egyptian accent. The Kurdish men sat quietly, listening.

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