Remember, according to McRINO when you hear these guys saying “Allahu Akbar” it’s no different than American soldiers saying “Thank God.”

Al-Nusra front including ISIL (Islamic State Of Iraq And Levant) have been in a heavy firefights in the last couple days trying to block the supply route that goes to Damascus.

Al-Nusra joined by fighters from ISIL are trying to cut supply routes and hope to secure it in order to weaken Damascus the stronghold of Bashar Assad. Al-Nusra and ISIL are getting pushed out the south of Syria and tried to create a own state in the North where most Kurdish civilians live.

The Kurds have been fighting back and Al-Nusra believes Assad is sending them weapons, Al-Nusra hopes to cut all supply routes to eventually weaken the Kurds and at the same time lay a siege on Damascus.