The article doesn’t mention the description of the suspects. But a Facebook post from the neighbor who is helping out the monk reveals that it was two black teens, aged 14-15, who lived near the monk. He notes the police know who did it, but they are still looking for them.


SPENCER, Okla. – A secluded farm in Spencer seems like a quiet place to raise animals but Friday afternoon, that peace and quiet was shattered.

Police said just after noon Friday, two suspects robbed an elderly man after pulling him outside his home and beating him senseless with a pipe.

The homeowner was unconscious on his porch for almost 24 hours.

Officers said he finally woke up around 2:30 p.m. Saturday and dragged himself inside to call 911.

“He really doesn`t even have anything to steal. I`m just in shock that this happened,” neighbor Joel Ortiz said.

Joel Ortiz said he knows his neighbor as “Tony,” saying he is a devout Buddhist monk and a good friend.

He was horrified when he found out what happened.

“I did peek in the ambulance as they were fixing to leave,” he said. “I didn’t know it was even going on until I saw the ambulance and stuff here. Black eyes, all his teeth knocked out, beaten badly.”

Neighbors describe Tony as someone who uses the little he has to take care of his rescue animals.

Joel is doing what he can to take care of them while Tony recovering but he’s worried about the long-term care of the animals, especially the horses.

Tony could have trouble paying his medical bills, according to neighbors, he only makes $350 a month.

“As hard as his struggle is for somebody to come in and just take complete advantage of him when he doesn`t really have anything to take anyway,” Ortiz said. “And he`s the type of person if they would have asked, he would have just gave it to them. They didn’t have to beat him up like that for it.”

The neighbor helping the monk, Joey Ortiz, posted the following information to help the monk to email [email protected] They are looking more for local help that might be able to donate food or money for the upkeep of the animals particularly. The monk has been released from the hospital, is reportedly staying with friends but is unable to walk on his own yet.