Via Fox News:

A Massachusetts atheist couple’s challenge to the required recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in school – specifically the phrase, “under God” – will reach the state’s highest court this week.

Religion News Services, or RNS, reports Massachusetts’ highest court, the Supreme Judicial Court , will consider Doe v. Action-Boxborough Regional School District on Wednesday,  which is expected to rule whether the pledge violates students’ rights.

The verdict may reverberate around the nation.

Notably, the suit, which was lodged by attorneys for an anonymous atheist couple, will reportedly mark a departure from similar and previous challenges to the pledge – and the “under God” phrase – which have in the past reached as far as the U.S. Supreme Court.

In this case, plaintiffs’ lawyers, according to RNS, will argue compulsory recitation represents an injury to the state’s equal rights laws, or the guarantee of equal protection for all concerned under those laws.

As RNS notes, such legal maneuvering borrows a page directly from the recently successful campaign lodged to legalize same-sex marriage, which made a similar and successful argument, also before the state’s Supreme Judicial Court.

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