Too late, he already has.

Via RCP:

WALLACE: Mr. Secretary, you make it sound as if this was always the plan, but the fact is, on Friday, when you made your speech, you made a powerful call for quick action. You seemed to be leading the charge up the hill, and the reports —

KERRY: Chris, I made a powerful call for action. I never mentioned the word quick. I made the case for why we needed to take the action, and the president —

WALLACE: You called for taking a decision now. If I may, though, sir, the White House —

KERRY: The president has taken — the president has taken his decision, Chris. The president announced his decision yesterday.

WALLACE: But nothing is going to happen for 10 days.

KERRY: His decision is to take — well, Chris, it will happen with the consent of the Congress of the United States, and be much more powerful and I believe allow us to even do more coordinating with our friends and allies, do more planning, and frankly be far more effective. I think this is a smart decision by the president. I think it’s a courageous decision. He is not trying to create an imperial presidency. He is trying to respect the process by which we are strongest in this country.

Video here…