Ah, no, Buzzfeed, it’s because Obama hasn’t made a good case for it, and given his track record, no one trusts him.

Via Buzzfeed:

WASHINGTON — America’s chickens are coming home to roost.

The shadows of the Iraq War loom so heavily over President Obama’s attempt to attack Syria that he may not be able to pull off the sort of relatively modest intervention that has been routine for American presidents for half a century. And the ironies come from two sides: On one hand, domestic and international memories of Iraq mean the American president can’t get anyone to trust him. On the other, Obama has resisted the cynical lessons of the Bush Administration’s political successes: That you can’t undersell a war; that you can’t rely on international good will; and that you can’t, as Bush aide Andy Card notoriously said, launch a new product in August.

Now, Obama finds himself cast as Bush — without the results. And Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a butcher whose crimes need no exaggeration and whose victims are recent, is in some ways a better fit for the role into which Bush put Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, whose worst crimes were behind him. Iraq War boosters invoked Saddam’s 1980s gas attacks; but Assad stands accused of gassing civilians last week.

Yet as Thursday’s vote against intervention in the British Parliament proved, Obama can’t get even partners Bush did to go after Assad. And opponents of the Iraq War say Bush has boxed Obama into a corner.

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