So he’s admitting the unions helped write Obamacare? That would explain why it has been such a train wreck to implement.

Via The Hill:

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Thursday said “mistakes” were made in the writing of ObamaCare.

“It still needs to be tweaked,” said Trumka, who pointed to the possibility that union members will lose their health insurance because of the inability of some union plans to qualify for federal tax subsidies.

“ObamaCare is a major step in the right direction but yeah, I said, we made some mistakes,” Trumka told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast.

“We have been working with the administration to find solutions to the inadvertent holes in the act,” Trumka said. “We are working to try solve problems, just like they tried to solve problems with employers, with large business and small business groups.”

He compared labor’s effort to win concessions on the health plans to business’s successful effort to convince the law’s mandate that certain employers offer health insurance for a year.

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