In typical liberal fashion, Karen Finney (who is now a host on MSNBC) hung up on Hugh Hewitt after he pressed her on the subject over her claim Ted Cruz is the new Joe McCarthy.

Via NRO:

How is it that liberals keep getting tripped up by the Alger Hiss Soviet spy case over 75 years after it happened? MSNBC host Karen Finney raised eyebrows yesterday when she hung up on conservative talk-show host Hugh Hewitt after she turned down several chances he offered to acknowledge that the late Alger Hiss was a Communist. He barely got to the point of discussing if Hiss was a spy for the Soviet Union.

Finney, a former head of communications for the Democratic National Committee and a former press secretary for Hillary Clinton, was invited on Hewitt’s show to discuss her statement that Senator Ted Cruz’s attacks on Obamacare are reminiscent of the “fear stoking” of Joe McCarthy, who she said “also wanted to take his country back. Then, it was from the Communists, who had supposedly infiltrated it.” She said that while Cruz was focused on a different issue his “rhetoric sounds eerily the same” as McCarthy’s.

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