Joy Reid is nothing less than a wretched human being.

Via RCP:

JOY ANN REID, MSNBC HOST: Chris Lane is absolutely getting lost in it, as is the issue of guns. I want to go back just for a second to the Trayvon Martin case, because, I think, that is what spawned the desire for revenge almost for people on the right… Just for the fact that African-Americans dared to be outraged about the case, about George Zimmerman not being arrested.

There is a sense of vengeance on the other side. And one of the things you did see, Heather [McGhee], was Trayvon Martin portrayed as a thug and a criminal. There was one person who said he was a rabid dog that needed to be put down. So, you now have in the wake of that, because for whatever reason — angry that people were upset — this need to portray almost all black men as criminal, almost inherently. And now one of the things that’s fueling that in the Chris Lane case, is you had this tweet by one of the alleged killers in which he said ‘90% of white people are nasty #hatethem.’ So now we’re off to the races.

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