Working on getting an English translation for you. Word is that they released an official statement in English condemning the church attacks, but then released this one in Arabic, justifying them.

The Pope referenced is Coptic Pope Tawadros, who you see with Roman Catholic Pope Francis in this picture:

Here is a translation, thanks to Wael Nawara:

Freedom and Justice Party, Helwan
Aug 14 at 11:52 pm
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The Pope [of the Copts] participates in unseating the first elected Islamist President.
The Pope accuses Islamist Shariaa (Law) of being backward and stagnant
The Pope sponsors Black Block groups to instigate chaos, cut roads, besiege and storm mosques
The Pope calls upon Copts to participate in June 30 demonstrations to remove the Islamist President
The Pope objects to [Constitution] articles enforcing Islamist Identity and withdraws from the Constituent Assembly
The Pope was first to support ElSisi’s call to get a popular mandate to kill Muslims, with the result of more than 500 deaths today
The Pope sends a memo to the new [constituent] commission to abolish “Shariaa” articles [from the constitution]

After all of this: You ask, why are they burning churches?

Burning places of worship is a crime.
But for the Church to wage a war on Islam and Muslims is a worse crime.

Every action generates a reaction.