Damon is a brain dead tool, as demonstrated by the movie Team America.

Via Examiner:

Responding to a question a week back in a BET.com interview about Trayvon Martin, as if he is an authority whose opinion is informed and relevant, actor Matt Damon proved he knows nothing about the case, conflating it with “Stand Your Ground laws” and disparaging self-defense and concealed carry.

“The ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, I hope that they would revisit that,” he opined, evidently unaware that George Zimmerman did not rely on that in his legal defense. That and interminably interjecting “you know” into the conversation suggest the actor does not do all that well without a script.

“I lived in Florida for five years,” Damon added. “We can’t have a world where people are putting guns in their pockets and walking around thinking that they’re the neighborhood watch.”

“We have a police force for that,” the “action hero” concluded. “We should leave the novices at home.” […]

“I actually hate guns,” he said in a 2003 interview. “They freak me out … If you were ever in a situation in which you wished you had a gun that means you’re in a situation where you wanted to kill somebody and I’ve never been in that situation.”

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