Not as dangerous as a Planned Parenthood clinic is to unborn babies.

Washington (CNN) – Planned Parenthood unleashed a wave of mail pieces in Virginia this week blasting Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli as “extremely dangerous for women.”

“Ken Cuccinelli would end access to safe and legal abortion, even in cases of rape or incest,” reads the mailer, provided to CNN by a Virginia voter who received it on Monday.

The two-sided mailer highlights Cuccinelli’s push as attorney general to apply strict new health regulations to Virginia abortion providers, a move critics said would force many clinics to shut their doors.

The language on the mail piece – “Ken’s way out there” – dovetails with Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe’s efforts to paint Cuccinelli as an extremist on social issues and disqualify him with women voters.

The mailer, billed as “an important message” from Planned Parenthood’s political action committee, is actually paid for by the Democratic Party of Virginia in coordination with the women’s health organization.

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