How Progressssive!  When he was in the House, Filner was one of the founders of the  Progressive Caucus along with  “Don’t Call Him My Colleague” Nancy Pelosi.

Via Daily Caller:

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner’s endurance in the face of mounting sexual harassment accusations may be driven by his need to get out of an even bigger problem: a federal criminal investigation that has received little attention from the national media.

The San Diego Creeper is the subject of an FBI probe of what looks like a quid-pro-quo arrangement with a local developer. In June local media obtained a voicemail Tom Story of Sunroad Centrum Partners left for various city council members regarding a $100,000 “gift” he made to two public projects Filner favored.

At the time, Sunroad was looking to use public land for a project in Kearney Mesa. Story’s strikingly direct voicemail indicates Filner agreed to give Sunroad the easement in exchange for the donation.

“I’d like the council member to know that we have reached an agreement with the mayor’s office,” Story’s message said. “We have paid him the money that was requested and was told that the mayor would support the override.”

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