What difference at this point do a few pounds make? You already have the weight of the fail of your time with the Obama administration that you can never diet off.

Via Breitbart:

Hillary Clinton is reportedly meeting with Bill Clinton’s diet guru in order to prepare for a potential 2016 run.

According to the New York Post, Clinton met with diet guru Dr. Mark Hyman on Sunday. Hyman is “credited with turning around Bill Clinton’s health” and helped the former president lose 24 pounds.

Clinton was “spotted dining with Hyman at the West Street Grill in Litchfield, Conn., Sunday night” and reportedly “was accompanied by four Secret Service agents and two troopers.” Clinton “drove an hour from her home in Chappaqua for the three-hour dinner with Hyman and his girlfriend.”

Hyman “runs the Ultra Wellness Center in Lenox, Mass., which helps promote healthy weight and metabolism.”