As I pondered what I wanted for my life, somehow, having an Anthony Weiner of my very own really wasn’t high up on the list…

Via Mediaite:

Dying to sext your first politician, but don’t even know how to get started?

Fear not: fresh off a New York Post bikini shoot and a sex tapeAnthony Weiner sexting partnerSydney Leathers has now entered the advice industry, publishing “10 Secrets To Seducing Politicians” Tuesday morning.

Leathers paused for a moment of self-defense against the Maureen Dowds and Thomas Roberts of the world. “Why does having a sexting affair with a married man or even doing porn make someone a ‘bad person’?” she asked. “Give me a break. I’m not a war criminal…I enjoy my sexuality, and it doesn’t make me anything other than what I am: a young woman who’s enjoying her life to the fullest and going on plenty of adventures with willing partners.”

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