This is the monster who kidnapped three women and held them captive as sex slaves in his basement for up to 10 years, and he feels empathy for him?

Via Mediaite:

Cleveland kidnapper-rapist-murderer Ariel Castro has been taking a renewed round of well-deserved scorn on the occasion of his sentencing for the crimes he committed againstAmanda Berry, Gina Dejesus, and Michelle Knight, and Thursday night’s All In with Chris Hayes was no exception. Host Chris Hayesand his guests Goldie Taylor and Cindy Southworth excoriated Castro for his nauseating comments at the hearing, but Hayes did admit to “one moment when there was a tiny, slight pin prick of empathy in me.”

Castro’s statement at his sentencing was a retch-inducing delusion that included claims of consensual sex with his captives, and pleas for understanding of his “addiction,” but there was one moment that affected Hayes, who is known to be honest about his feelings even when they might be super-unpopular or easy to demagogue.

“I want to play the one moment when there was a tiny, slight pin prick of empathy in me” Hayes said, “as I watched this awful statement, was him talking about himself, saying that he had been a victim of sexual abuse, himself.”

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