Do they actually believe this nonsense?

Via Mediaite:

Folks in Springfield, MO got an unwelcome surprise over the weekend when the Ku Klux Klan dropped “Neighborhood Watch” flyers attached to rocks on residents’ lawns. The leaflets featured an illustration of a hooded klansman (not sure where Geraldo is on that), and urged residents to call their toll-free “Klanline,” which is presumably also listed in the White Pages. From The Grio […]

MSNBC contributor Dr. James Peterson wasn’t all that impressed, telling Martin Bashir that “I’m less concerned about the KKK, and more concerned about Republican legislatures and other political officials trying to block or impede access to the polls.”

“I’m also concerned about conservative commentators and others who want to talk about cultural depravity as one of the sort of ruling reasons for the decline of a city like Detroit,” he added.

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