Probably because he’s an egotistical asshole.

Washington (CNN) – During a question and answer session Wednesday with Democrats on Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama offered what Democratic sources said was a testy response to a question about a federal loan guarantee program, with one source in the room calling it “rude and dismissive.”

Other Democrats said they didn’t think the president’s response was dismissive, and pointed out Obama vowed to follow up with an answer. The lawmaker himself, freshman Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, said of the exchange, “I am the youngest of five brothers – I’ve been in a headlock before and it’s all in good fun.”

But the reaction from some Democrats is reflective of long-simmering tension between the president and fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill, many of whom don’t feel included or respected by Obama.

The query came from Maloney, a New York Democrat, whose office says the freshman lawmaker asked the president about a company in his district that applied for a loan guarantee through the Department of Energy in 2009, but whose application has been stuck in the final approval stages.

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