The story that just keeps on giving.

Via NY Post:

Wannabe Mayor Weiner is too sex obsessed to be mayor, according to his latest virtual gal pal.

In a raunchy tell-all interview with Howard Stern, Anthony Weiner’s former virtual gal pal Sydney Leathers says the peter-tweeting poll used to call her up to five times a day – and almost every day – to have phone sex. And that still wasn’t enough!

“He could have 12 girls talking to him, beating off 15 times a day and that wouldn’t be enough,” Leathers said. “You would think his d–k would hurt by the end of it.”

Leathers questioned if Weiner’s obsession with sex would give him time to govern if he became mayor.

“How are you going to be mayor of New York City if you’re c—ing five times a day?” she asked.

Leathers recalled Weiner as the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am type, saying he would make small talk but then abruptly told her to take off her clothes off.

Weiner really got off when Leathers stroked his ego.

“He was just this needy little bitch. He needs his ego stroked, that’s the problem,” she said.

“He had a lot of fantasies – he loved me in heels, pictures in heels. He was really into talking about shower sex to the point where he would have dreams about it and call me the next morning to tell me about it.”