According to Al Nusra Front, Europeans eat croissants to “celebrate their victories over Muslims.”

DAMASCUS, July 27 (Xinhua) — Most Syrians, having undergone four decades of secular rule, seem averse to the prospect that the power to rule their country may one day fall in the hands of some Islamic fundamentalists. […]

“We were looking for more freedom and felt the revolution would give us more benefits… However, we now feel we are moving backwards and will soon return to the medieval era,” said Hanadi, 49, a private sector employee.

She said whoever still thinks what happens in Syria is a revolution is lying to themselves. “It’s anything but a revolution for freedom.”

“How could they bring us freedom if they (the rebels) themselves are captives held by the extremists?” she questioned.

Ahmed, in his 50s, agreed with Hanadi. “Al-Nusra Front fighters come up every day with a new unimaginable fatwa, or religious edict.”

He pointed to a new fatwa imposed in the northern city of Aleppo, which forbids eating croissants because they are in the shape of a crescent, the emblem of an Islamic state.

The fatwa claims that the Europeans eat croissants during festivals to celebrate their victories over the Muslims.

Syrians post cynical comments on social media sites, poking fun at such fatwas, the latest of which ban women from driving cars and force little girls to wear veils.

Residents of some hotspots in northern Syria, where al-Nusra Front is active, said that the group has banned smoking and listening to music, and has set up its own courts and applies its own interpretation of Islam.