Oh joy, FBI has no “operational guidelines governing how and when they should be used.”

Via Daily Caller:

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has used unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, at least ten times in the United States, a letter from the agency to Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul revealed on Thursday.

“Since late 2006, the FBI has conducted surveillance using UAV’s in eight criminal cases and two nationals security cases,” the letter reads. A footnote at the end of the sentence noted that in three additional cases, drones were authorized, but “not actually used.”

In addition to their public response, the FBI also sent Paul’s office a different, classified version of their letter containing more details.

The FBI sent the letter to Paul’s office after Paul’s insistent and much-publicized stand against drone use on American citizens both at home and abroad, which dates back to a filibuster Paul conducted on March 6. On that date, Paul, assisted by a bipartisan group of senators, protested the Obama administration’s use of drones by holding up John Brennan’s nomination for CIA director for almost 13 hours.

Since then, Paul has continued to press the administration on the issue through several open letters to FBI Director Robert Mueller. The first letter, dated June 20, came a day after Mueller admitted before the Senate Judiciary Committee that the FBI uses drones to surveil American citizens, and does so without any “operational guidelines” to govern how and when drones should be used.

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