Via WaPo:

The Lincoln Memorial was shut down Friday morning after vandals splashed light green paint on the statue of the nation’s 16th president and the marble floor around it, U.S. Park Police said.

No words or symbols were painted or written on the memorial, police said. No damage was reported at the Mall’s other memorials and monuments.

Police are reviewing surveillance footage from the popular tourist attraction on the west end of the Mall, but so far no information has been released about who may have been responsible for the vandalism or what may have motivated it.Carol Bradley Johnson, a spokeswoman for the National Mall and Memorial Parks division of the National Park Service, called the incident “heartbreaking.”

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Meanwhile, in possibly the most shameful response to the vandalism, Jim Carrey, the man who can’t seem to speak without putting his foot in his mouth, tweeted his support for the vandalism:

So sayeth the 1%er masquerading as a Occupier who America has made rich for his barely recognizable talent.