Behold, the joys of socialized healthcare.

(Daily Mail) — A grieving mother has criticised a hospital for not trying to help her premature baby survive after he was born.

Tracy Godwin, 31, went into labour at just 22-weeks but despite being very early her tiny baby Tom was born alive.

The heartbroken mother said she begged doctors to help her struggling baby but they refused because they do not intervene when a baby is less than 24-weeks old.

Tracy Godwin, 31, gave birth to son Tom on March 6 last year, just 12 days short of the threshold for treatment.

‘We couldn’t understand why no one was helping him,’ said Tracy, from Southend, Essex.

‘If he had been stillborn it would have been different but he tried to live. We were begging them to do something for him.’

An inquest will now be held into her baby’s death.

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