It would be front page news if tea partiers were beating people up because of their race.

Via LA Times:

. . . Hours into Monday’s demonstration at Leimert Park, groups of young demonstrators splintered off.

Negrete, the East L.A. resident, found himself standing alone on the corner of Vernon Avenue and Crenshaw at Leimert Park when he was singled out by some of the agitators, who approached him and drew a crowd behind them.

Negrete pulled out a wrench, which comes in handy for the bicycle he uses to get around town, he said.

“I was there for the 6 p.m. March. We were going up and down the streets and all of a sudden all these kids just started trashing things, going up to people,” he said.

Now they were going after him. Negrete said he dropped the wrench when it didn’t scare off the aggressors. He also dropped his bicycle and canteen at his feet and lifted his shirt.

Negrete said he didn’t see who hit him. He was punched once in the back of the head. Another person grabbed his bike and rode off, but that was it.

“It just made me feel so small,” he said.

Shortly after the attack, Negrete broke down in tears and expressed his frustration over the violence.

“Why does it always have to go down this road?” he told The Times on Monday night.

He said he felt he was targeted because he was Latino. Others in the crowd said they saw similar incidents.

Los Angeles police said they arrested 14 people Monday night for failing to disperse and inciting a riot. There were no reports of assaults or injuries.

“I feel like, our presence would be more of a uniting factor. If there’s more Latinos, more light-skinned people… We all live in the same city,” Negrete said. “We all have basically the same issues. I feel like we’re pretty much stuck in the same boat. Why would you want to punch me? We should be united, not fighting each other.”