Strike while the iron is hot.

(Politico)Meredith Shiner reports from the Hill that the House Rules committee will hold an emergency meeting Wednesday at 3 p.m. on H.R. 1076, the measure “to prohibit funding of National Public Radio and the use of Federal funds to acquire radio content.”

The bill, introduced by Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO), who has been spearheading efforts to remove federal subsidies from public broadcasting, is here.

House Republicans eliminated federal funds to public broadcasting in a larger bill they passed to continue government funding, but that measure died in the Senate. An attempt by Democrat Earl Blumenauer during the days-long debate on H.R. 1 to add an amendment restoring was foiled by a procedural point of order.

The pending legislation is a stand-alone measure that would slash funding regardless of pending negotiations between the House and Senate on a continuing resolution. It is unlikely the standalone bill would clear the Senate, even if passed, or that the President would sign such an initiative into law.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s office has confirmed to Shiner that he will bring the bill to the floor Thursday.