Something tells me al-Qaeda wouldn’t welcome Captain Crazy Pants with open arms.

(Business Insider) — Colonel Qaddafi is switching scare tactics.

For weeks he warned that any ouster of himself would let Al Qaeda take control of Libya.

Now he warns that in an invasion he would join forces with Al Qaeda. Qaddafi told Il Giornale: “We will ally ourselves with al-Qaida and declare holy war.”

That indeed is a scary idea, which will give America another reason not to commit to a no-fly zone.

Qaddafi also expressed his discontent with European leaders: “I was really shocked by the attitude of my European friends. They have damaged and endangered a series of major accords on security that were in their interests and the economic cooperation that we had. . . I am so shocked, I feel betrayed, I don’t even know what to say to Berlusconi.”