Only a matter of time before the Islamists lash out violently at the state.

CAIRO (AP) — Egyptian troops opened fire on supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi who were marching on a headquarters of the Republican Guard on Friday, leaving at least one severely wounded, as tens of thousands chanting “down with military rule” protested around the country voting to return the Islamist leader to office.

The shooting came when hundreds of Morsi supporters marched on the Guard building, where Morsi was staying at the time of his ouster, before being taken into military custody in an unknown location. The crowd approached a barbed wire barrier where troops were standing guard around the building.

When one supporter hung a sign of Morsi on the barrier, the troops tore it down and told the crowd to stay back. A protester hung a second sign and the soldiers opened fire on the crowd, an Associated Press photographer at the scene said. Several protesters fell bloodied to the ground. At least one had what appeared to be a severe, bleeding wound to the head.


Via BBC:

Egyptian security forces have opened fire on supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in Cairo, killing three people.

The incident occurred as crowds gathered outside the officers’ club of the Presidential Guard, where Mr Morsi is believed to be held.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been demanding his reinstatement.