Everything is racist . . . everything.

Via PoliticsUSA:

Sarah Palin welcomed herself back to Fox News today with an ugly racist rant that culminated with her breaking out Jim Crow stereotypes and calling President Obama lackadaisical. […]

And by community organizer, Sarah Palin means black man.

The stereotype of the lackadaisical African-American goes back to slavery and Jim Crow. According to the 1937 book Class and Caste in a Southern Town, “It is a common error in judging lower class Negroes to compare them unfavorably with foreign immigrants, stressing the lackadaisical Negro work habits, and referring to the energy and zeal for advancement of a foreign peasantry.”

Author Mariann S. Regan explained that lackadaisical is part of the South’s history racist terminology used to describe African-Americans, “In the light of my family memoir Into the Briar Patch, I can see how this stereotype was born during slavery and Jim Crow. Growing up, I learned that the South’s rich vocabulary for laziness was often applied to African-Americans: shiftless, no-account, trifling, good-for-nothing, lackadaisical, half-hearted, slow as molasses. In the South, slaves labored in the fields from sunup to sundown. Yet somehow the blacks were the ones who got called lazy.”