You have to be a sick individual to work at an abortion clinic.

( – An abortion worker at a notorious late-term abortion facility in New Mexico tells a 27-week-pregnant mom to “just sit on the toilet” in her hotel room, and not to look down, if she should feel the urge to pass the body of her baby during the multi-day abortion procedure in the latest undercover sting video released by the pro-life group Live Action.

“If we can’t catch it [delivery of the dead baby – the final stage of the abortion procedure] early enough, which has happened … then you’ll want to unlock the door to the hotel room, get your cell phone, and just sit on the toilet,” the unnamed counselor at Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico tells an undercover investigator with Live Action. “You don’t have to look at anything … you can stay on the phone with us until the doctor and nurse get there[.]”

When the woman asks what the abortion clinic will do with the body of her baby, the counselor responds, “We wrap it up, and we bring it back to the clinic.” The counselor repeatedly urges the woman not to look into the toilet. “Don’t look down, don’t look,” she says.

At 27 weeks a baby is fully formed. Most babies born at this age in the United States will survive, with medical attention.

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