Shooting was reported from inside and around the building.

Police, many of whom are siding with protesters, have not as yet responded.

Reports today are that 8 people were killed in the clashes at the Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters in Moqatam, among the eight, a 14 year old boy.

None of the deaths are reportedly Muslim Brotherhood members.

The building had been attacked by protesters with molotov cocktails, some even using green laser pointers to pinpoint where MB members were in the building to direct the fire of the attack. This may suggest that this was not just protester anger, but perhaps a more coordinated attack.

Gunfire had been heard from inside and outside the building. Police appeared to do nothing to defend the building or stop the violence, but have finally appeared to protect the building after it was ransacked and looted, and the turmoil calmed down.

The attack continued for several hours.

Here is a later video, clearly showing at least some attackers on the building to have guns and still using laser pointers to target those inside the building. Many appear to be on the phone at different points, perhaps it is not too much speculation that they seem to be consulting with others.

Here are pictures of the building after it was over:


Video of inside the building in the morning, still apparently burning in parts and still apparently being ransacked, although there doesn’t appear to be much left.