Let me think about this, Sexy Beast say “cracker” is a compliment, so that means the N-word stands.

Via Mediaite:

After Trayvon Martin‘s friend and witness for the prosecution Rachel Jeantel wrapped up her two days of testimony in the George Zimmermanmurder trial, Al Sharpton and his two guests examined how she might help or hurt the State of Florida’s case. Noting that, according to Jeantel, Martin used both the “n-word” and the term “creepy-ass cracker” to describe Zimmerman, Sharpton wondered, “does one cancel or balance the other?”

“I think the defense is really trying to attack this young lady, this teenager,” criminal defense attorney Billy Martin told Sharpton, “and I think it will balance out.” Beyond the “racial slurs,” Martin said, “the key word that I think she said–she was consistent was with–is ‘this creepy guy is following me.’”

Sharpton suggested that the prosecution might call Trayvon Martin’s mother to the stand to help explain “the language these kids used, the n-word, the c-word.”

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