Via Daily Caller:

A broad cross-section of Americans expect Obamacare to have a negative impact on their lives, according to a just-released Gallup Poll.

Only 22% of those surveyed believe that the health-care law will make their family’s health situation “better” in the long run.  By contrast, 42% believe that it will make their family’s health-care situation “worse.” Meanwhile, 33% believe that it will “not make much difference.” 3% expressed “no opinion.”

72% of Republicans, 43% of Independents and 16% of Democrats believe Obamacare will make their family health situation “worse.”

Americans are more divided on their opinion about the health care law’s impact on the nation as a whole.  Only 34% believe that Obamacare will be “better” for health care in the US, while 47% believe it will be “worse.”

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