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Via Fox News:

President Barack Obama’s job rating remains upside-down — no big change there.  Yet for the first time in a Fox News poll, more than half of voters find Obama unlikeable.

In addition, only about a third of voters say they trust the federal government, and most want Congress to continue to investigate Benghazi, the IRS, the government’s electronic surveillance program and the Justice Department’s monitoring of journalists.

The new Fox News national poll of registered voters was released Tuesday.

More voters disapprove than approve of Obama’s job performance on every issue save one:  terrorism (on that the president receives positive marks — 52 percent approve, while 41 percent disapprove).

In contrast, majorities disapprove of his handling of the deficit (63 percent disapprove), the economy (58 percent), gun control (57 percent), health care (55 percent) immigration (53 percent) and foreign policy (50 percent).

Voters are also unhappy with the president’s handling of the National Security Agency’s surveillance (61 percent disapprove) and the treatment of conservative groups by the IRS (55 percent).

Overall, Obama’s job rating is underwater by eight percentage points:  43 percent of voters approve and 51 percent disapprove of his performance.  That’s close to his previous rating of 44-50 percent in mid-June.  A year ago the president’s rating was in positive territory: 48-43 percent (June 2012).

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