God only knows if she believes this nonsense.


[C]ongresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee issued a statement saying the Supreme Court turned the clock back 150 years.

“In 2006 as a Senior Member on House Judiciary Committee I participated in a bipartisan effort to secure a reasoned legislative reauthorization of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. As a Committee, we established a record of 15,000 pages of important testimony. However, this current Congress is one that has not succeeded in passing any major legislation to help the American people in almost 4 years. Every major legislative action that has passed successfully was passed by Democrats and often with no Republicans voting for the legislation,” said the Houston Democrat.

“The present Congress will see nothing but obstruction, delay and the introduction of voter suppression laws. This decision is far from reality, lacking in empathy and has taken the civil rights of populations that depended on federal law and shredded it!”