Why does a multi-billionaire like Bloomberg have to raid the city’s money when he could easily afford it himself?

Via NY Post:

Mayor Bloomberg is spending city cash and resources on his pet project to toughen US gun laws through his national organization, The Post has learned.

City employee Christopher Kocher was sent to Nevada as a representative of Mayors Against Illegal Guns to lobby for a bill that enforces background checks on all firearm sales in that state.

But Kocher, who works as a special counsel to the mayor’s office, apparently didn’t want his role to be known and scrubbed his City Hall e-mail address from the state of Nevada lobbying-registration Web site early this month.

“It doesn’t seem kosher to me,” said Gene Russianoff of the New York Public Interest Research Group. […]

A Bloomberg aide argued that city governments frequently lobby state and national leaders to push legislation related to the city’s well-being for issues ranging from mass transit to health care.

But Russianoff said Nevada isn’t in the same league as Albany and Washington, which have direct connections to what happens in New York City.

“They deal with jurisdictions that have sway over our future, and Nevada does not,” he said.